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Originally Posted by recumelectric View Post
Seriously, I agree that a lot of this is just another form of advertising and consumerism. I also think it's silly to rush out to buy "green" stuff to replace the perfectly good stuff you already have.
I think this is the key...

Even from a pragmatic perspective, I once considered the impact of replacing an old car with a newer more efficient car, and realized quickly that when the payments for the new car far exceeded the amount I was spending on fuel, maintenance and insurance combined for my paid-for car realized I was better off using what I had until it was no longer useful... even at 16-18 mpg.

I just wonder why nobody on these shows presenting "green" homes points out to the people designing the homes that the best things they can do to make them green are:

1) Make them closer to work and other facilities you visit (within reason).

2) Reducing the physical footprint reduces the eco-footprint.

Every one of them (except for a very few) build huge homes, miles away from everything, which requires more real estate for the home, their driveway, and roads in the infrastructure.

Maybe the term green should start to embrace a stance of targeting a less intrusive physical footprint (three dimensionally) as well as the currently popular carbon footprint model.
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