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OMG, this lock is so incredibly easy to hack open!

I just happened to find one of these out on the road today, just sitting in a gutter, locked. So I start googling for kryptonite lock hacks, and come across this forum (and all the news about Kryptonite's legal and security problems..) Well, I figured this lock was just like those cheap old 4-cylinder combo locks you get for a 5 yr old's $30 k-mart bike, right, the kind that you test the 1st number, pull, see if it gives a little, then test the 2nd number, pull, gives a little more, etc, til you got all 4 numbers. I did this for a few minutes and didn't really detect any "give" on the 1st number, so I thought hmm maybe this lock is better than that, so I go google some more, and give the lock to my 13-yr old son and explained to him that he could literally try 40,000-odd combinations in a methodical manner and probably have the lock open in a few days..So he was dinking around with it and 10 minutes later had the lock open (using method #1, and perhaps a bit more force on the "pull" )

So now we have a free, resettable $40 lock (which isn't worth a damn because it's SO EASILY DEFEATED!!

As to how to reset the lock once open, instructions are on kryptonite's website (google "lost kryptonite combination" )
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