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Great ride (in the rain)!

Just wanted to share. Couldn't decide whether to ride outdoors today. Not really cold (low 60's) but rainy and windy. I'm still a pseudo-newb (just returned to biking after a 8 year break from fitness altogether) so I was discuraged. But then I said what the heck - and it was a great ride!! I've got dish-pan arse, feet, etc, got the obligatory honking & cussing by some total A-H*le in a Hummer and I even got into a near collision w/ a huge school bus (the driver CLEARLY saw me coming) but who cares? I was so satisfied just to be on my bike in foul weather I rode an extra 10 miles for 40 total! Great confidence builder since it was my first ride in the rain in about 10 years. Did I mention that the last 1/2 of the ride was at night? Sometimes it really does pay to "just do it"!
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