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Originally Posted by slvoid
I have a light & motion that's had about 30 hours on a halogen bulb before it blew. Is this normal? I go through some pretty bumpy roads on my commute though.
I'm going back to it after my cateye crapped out on me.
I would check the switch, and internal wire connections (at the head where the bulb is located), if your light uses a MR11 bulb it is sealed and mine (other light brands) have lasted well over 300 hours. I've never actually burnt a bulb out. The switch to bulb internal wires are often times too short and soldered on one end. Most light bulb failures I've seen (mine and others, several brands) are actually the soldered connection failing. The connection can usually be resoldered. Rough roads would definitely accelerate that type of failure. All of my lights have eventually succumbed to corrosion of connectors, and eventually battery failure (but we're talking hundreds of hours usage and at least 3 or more salty winters).
Hope this might help.
By the way which CatEye were you using? I'd be interested to know what model, how long it worked, etc.

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