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Bikes: 19 road bikes & 1 Track bike

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I have several 1970s Motobecane consumer catalogs for the US market. But I have never seen any mention of track bikes. I'm sure they must have been produced, but perhaps they were so small a segment of the overall sales that they were simply special ordered by authorized retail shops either direct from the factory or through the Motobecane wholesale importer.

If the paint is anywhere resembling original, PHOTOS (please) would definitely help us to ID the bike and perhaps guess at the tubing. Motobecane seemed to use only a few different tube sets which differed depending on the year... rather than selecting more individually, model by model.

Visually comparing graphics could be useful - since some manufacturers offered a couple different levels of Track bikes... to help meet the financial requirements of more than just the most serious racers. And, the Track models sometimes mimicked their Road model counterparts.

1970s French Track bikes sometimes used shims inside the tubing near the seat lug. I assume this was to strengthen the tubing for any increased torque of track sprints - since seat tubes were most often single-butted (with thicker walls only at the bottom bracket end). Unfortunately, this makes tubing ID all the more difficult.

If repainted, I assume it at least has a permanent headbadge (not just a sticker) which is leading you to believe it is indeed a Motobecane?

A serial number may prove of some use too, although there was no real "self-descriptive" dating system used in the numbering system, which seemed to be simple ascending numbers during the 1970s.
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