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thanks for the replies.

regarding the paint, i bought the bike used and it had a spray can job (silver). i sympathetically removed the silver in some areas and found sky blue. under that was steel, so i assume the original color was blue. I've since had the bike professionaly painted.

there are no traces of a headbadge, no holes in the headtube, nor were any stickers present. I only know it is a Motobecane because of the stamped/engraved Block "M" (as seen on the headbadges) on the left and right seatstay at the seatpost cluster. I can upload a picture later to show what i mean.

Originally Posted by Charles Wahl View Post
What do these sentences mean? That it came to you with a Vitus seatpost that fit, "had to be sanded" to remove marks and now it's loose? Was that seatpost marked 25.0? If not, what makes it "look" like the bike takes a 25.0 mm post?
I'll clarify. It came with a Vitus seatpost (Rubis 979) with no visible size markings. The post was badly scratched so I sanded and polished the scratches out. Since the scratches were pretty deep, the post is no more uniform. Even still the post isn't loose by any means. There is just about a .1 or .2 mm of play. It still tightens down well.

What leads me to 25mm? The seat cluster is bit pinched and that can be a reason why a normal 25mm doesn't fit. I haven't tried "opening" it with a flathead screwdriver yet. My calipers (not digital and 100% accurate probably) measure the inside of the seattube at 24.8 -.9 at various points. It could very well be that the frame originally took a 24.8mm post. My research hasn't turned up much information on this size except for some early Peugeots. Plus 25mm was a common size for Vitus, but mostly on aluminum frames.

Anyhow, I think finding out what kind of tubing was used will probably lead to an answer on this as well.

cheers, dan

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