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share your disaster stories

so yeh

lets make this thread about some of the challenging situations we've found ourselves in

and how they ended up being not quite as bad as they seemed in that moment

.. and what we learnt !


it's sunday morning... and i'm riding along the Canarvon highway, out to Carnarvon Gorge in Central QLD (Australia)

the thought had just crossed my mind 'how peaceful is it out here today' not many trucks or cars, ect

and then BANG ! my tire blew up .... I didn't think i'd need a spare tyre because of how new they were

I end up hitching to the Carnarvon gorge turn-off, with my all my gear/bike.. and the guy who gave me a lift, happens to be mountain biker... with a spare 26" tyre... yeee hhaaaa

after a few days hiking in the Gorge (absolutely spectacular)

I return to find that I cannot find the quick release pin that attaches my BOB trailer to bike

what a nightmare... i look everywhere and cannot find it

one tiny little screw .... and without it I cannot go anywhere

hours pass and my mind falls into a state of dispair... I almost give up on everything, quite a low point

the sun sets... i sleep... without having eaten (to drained to even eat)

I have a dream that I am walking in the scrub besides the road.. and i find the key !!!

what a feeling... it wakes me up...

I rush out to look where the key was in the dream....

and then I wake up again !

... I feel fresher and eventually remember that it must be where my tyre blew up, back on the side of the road .. another 50km south or so

and yes indeed... i hitched back, and if it wasn't for the memory of breaking down next to "Dawsons River" I would have NEVER found that screw and would've been stranded in an outback qld town for atleast a few weeks

what did i learn ?

our set-up is only as reliable as the weakest link ... just one screw could create major setbacks... especially a hard to source one like a BOB quick relase (having said that, I still havnt got myself a spare ... its on the 'to-do' list)

~ also, when these challenging situations occur... as difficult as it may be in that moment, try and stay grounded and not get overwhelmed with negative thoughts.... just give it time and space, and remember to breath.

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