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Well, I've done my research and the company appears to be out of business. They were based in Florida. As for what it cost, I happened to stumble across a craigslist ad on a google search for someone selling on on the western side of the country. After a number of emails, and payment, they shipped it to where I am on the East Coast. Since it was bought from someone, I paid about $110. I hear that they ran about $200-250 new.

Well, if I don't have the fan aimed directly on the magnet, after about a 10 minute sprint, I think I could have fried a small egg on the magnet housing. So it gets really hot without a fan on it. But as long as you keep things away from the magnet, it's fine.

I will say this, the gap in one side of the locking assembly, where your skewer handle can go through. I had to takemy dremel and grind the gap wider for my skewers. Thinner skewer handles would work fine, and mine did too, but it just felt a little unstable to me before I fixed it.

Good luck finding one. It took me nearly a month to find the one I did. But they are out there!
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