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A bike for Maltese Roads

Hi all,

I do most of my cycling on a road bike, mostly to keep fit (I work on computers ). Now I have started going to work with my road bike too, but the roads here in Malta are terrible, with no bike mentality whatsoever from Maltese drivers. For this reason I am thinking of buying a Mountain Bike just to go to work with. This would give me the benefit to pass from safer roads, but roads where I could not pass with my roadie. Now, I went to the the LBS and offered me a bike for ~$300 (Remember I am not going off road or something like that, this is purely for commuting in rough roads). I have never heard of the make - Ventura - I think it is some Chinese product. All I found on google about this bike - Ventura M-Byte - was this:

FYI, this price is quite good as in Malta a good make (Giant,Bianchi, Kona, etc) would be somewhere near $800.

Have you ever seen this make?? What would you do?? Thanks
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