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Originally Posted by Itsjustb
A fellow commuter from my company was nearly taken out by a right-passing driver this morning, but with a twist.

He was making a left onto a road that has a bike lane, so he (like me) was drifting right towards the BL as he came around the turn. The moron driver behind him passed him ON THE RIGHT during a left-turn by driving into the bike lane. Nearly killed him.

Although the moron driver works in our company (or at least pulled into our campus) my friend wasn't able to find her in the parking lot.
Yes, I'm replying to my own post...because I laid the big, fat jinx on myself by posting about this yesterday.

This morning I had just signalled that I was moving right into the right-turn-only-lane for my company's campus when I heard a loud noise from behind me on my right. I looked over my shoulder and suddenly there was a car right there next to me--driving partly in the newly-formed RTOL and partly in the shoulder--to pass me on the right. Thank God the driver was in the shoulder or I wouldn't have heard her at all over the wind. As it was, she barely missed me.

Since she was pulling into my company's campus and I don't put up with s**t like this, I cranked it up and tried to catch her. Once she realized I was trying to catch her she accelerated and blew thru all the speed bumps on campus. She finally lost me on a hill; I saw the direction she went but couldn't see which parking lot she went to so I cruised several of them trying to find her.
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