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Originally Posted by joejack951
Should I just say screw the cars and climb those hills as slow as I need to in the middle of the lane so that they don't try to pass me (all curves on the road are blind and the small population of bikers in the area has lead to drivers doing stupid things like passing around those curves)? Would I be safer taking the longer route with wider roads and shoulders but with much faster traffic (anywhere from 50-60 mph)?
Why is it some riders think they have to take responsibility for the poor judgment of motor vehicle drivers who insist on overtaking on blind curves because those riders have taken the lane to protect themselves? You don't have to be a pr!ck about taking the lane everywhere, but as I said to a class of riders tonight, you take the lane to protect *your* welfare; the motorists have to deal with their own stupidity.

And if I was going to be really Machiavellian about it (which I couldn't possibly be), I'm looking forward to the day when someone says a car collided head-on with another while illegally overtaking a cyclist who is riding... legally

As to the other question, ride it and see. 50-60mph traffic is not so bad if you can "tune out" (maybe even use earbuds to listen to music!!!!) and you have, as you suggest a reasonable shoulder.

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