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Originally Posted by MrCrassic View Post
So I only slightly trashed my health today by eating:
- less than 0.5 cup Arroz con guandules (yellow rice with chick peas)
- less than 0.5 cup of my baked ziti (which came out great!)
- 1 slice of roasted turkey (the skin was good, the turkey itself was tender)
- 1 slice of roasted chicken (the skin was good, but the chicken was rough because it was overcooked)
- 2 slices of flan (Godly, as usual)
- 8 small Nestle Toll-house Chocolate Chip Cookies, plus 2 more later on

Since I didn't eat like a man-bear-pig (no offense to the user), I didn't get full off of this, but it definitely wasn't the evenly balanced dinner I normally have.

What was your final verdict?
You actually measure what you eat? I'm not a binge eater but I enjoy the meals without much worry because I usually ride before Thanksgiving dinner and the morning after so it all works itself out.
I like pie
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