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Jessica, just know that you are in all probability damaging your hearing. While the music makes the other noise more tolerable, it is also noise, and turning it up to greater than the traffic noise means you are most likely subjecting your ears to pretty high noise levels. It would not hurt to get your hearing checked by taking an audiogram at your doctor's office. Once lost, hearing cannot be regained. But there are what is called "temporary threshold shifts" that, with rest, will allow hearing to come back. Basically, we have little cells with hairs in our inner ear, and those hairs can be bent down to where they will not register noise. If left alone, they can straighten out over time. But if the hearing loss is permanent, it means that these hairs have been broken off, and that is permanent.

It's like walking on a lawn. A few times, and the grass simply bends down. But if hundreds of people walk the same path, the grass is trampled and breaks, and the pathway becomes dirt, not grass.

Your solution is probably not in your best long-range interests for your health here. You could be loosing your hearing with this radio blasting out the noise of the roadway.

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