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Originally Posted by waterrockets View Post
Yeah, I agree in general. They're most likely comparing to a Ksyrium to get that big of a difference on the low end.

It's tough to prioritize these things. There's no question that these wheels slow you down less than conventional wheels. The question is, what's the impact in a race? Tough to say, as it could be the difference between winning and losing. So, just get really strong and win by more than that
I like that answer. Hopefully my anal retentiveness will allow me to move on.

I wanted to save and get a PM when I upgraded to the 4's. I got one as a gift around when I upgraded. I figured I'd spend that money on wheels. Might as well save it and spend it on races. That way I can do the next thing I wanted, which is get to the 3's and then buy zoot wheels

This ebay/ sale makes it so hard to pass up on it though. I'll probably end up with something if I feel convinced enough!
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