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The one you link to calls itself a mountain rack, make sure it works with a 700c wheel before purchasing, it might be too short to clear the wheel.

I've used 2 of the other 3 racks at the bottom of that page - the Blackburn CL1 Custom Lowrider and the Tubus Tara, on a 520. Either of them are fine. The Tubus is one of those never-buy-another-one-again products - good design & construction quality, totally solid. I liked the blackburn for how light and simple it is, but it wore out after about 7000 miles - a metal part on the back of my pannier wore a groove in it.

I've seen people with the FL1 too, it is kind of the standard rack - not sexy but does the job. Same material as the CL1.

If you are looking for a rack with a platform, the choices are limited, try searching for Nitto and Old Man Mountain.

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