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Originally Posted by dirtjumpP.1
you could just go to your lbs and have them do it for pretty much free unless you need the hollow bolt top cap, which only runs like 10 bucks
Yeah, local bike shops don't charge you labor

They stay in business BY charging labor! They may charge 30 bucks or more to fix a problem with the bike that should not have been there from the beginning. If the bike is not designed to use a gyro/front brake setup, then the bike not only won't have a hollow aheadset bolt it may not have front brakes that can be used with the cable coming up from underneath. That would mean about 30 to 40 bucks in cost, plus labor to install everything. That ends up being probably closer to 100 bucks - or half (or more) the bike's total value brand new.

Have the place of purchase take care of the bike, or return it and go to a bike shop. A bike shop usually offers 1 year service on the bike for free! That alone is worth the extra money you pay. The quality mechanic is the goal to ensuring safety.
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