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Originally Posted by iamthenoise
...the higher the max psi, the faster the tire?
Yes and no.

Common sense and logic would tell us that the higher the pressure the faster the tire, but this doesn't always hold true, and especially so with modern tires.

In some cases, a lower pressure than the maximum allowed will actually produce less rolling resistance.

I think some manufacturers, such as Schwalbe, allow for higher pressures than optimum, for the sake of heavier riders.

I ride my Schwalbe Ultremos at their highest rated pressure, 145psi, because I weigh 235lbs with winter commute stuff.

Last night I hit a deep pothole that knocked my blinkie off my seatpost, but did not blow the tires nor damage the wheels.

I think I can thank the 145psi of the Ultremos and the toughness of my Cane Creek wheels for that.
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