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Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
The frames probably come from some of the same factories in Taiwan that mass produce bikes under a "name" brand.
And therein lies the risk--bike is built in Taiwan and put in a box. Box is loaded onto container. Container is loaded onto a container ship. Container is unloaded in California and shipped to Texas. Box is unloaded from container to warehouse. Box is shipped from warehouse to you via UPS.

If anything goes wrong with the bike at any step of the way, you're the first to find out. I bought a bike from them that came with a bent fork, and I was only able to get them to pick it up was when I disputed the charge on my credit card a week after notifying them of the damage.

The last I heard from them, they asked me to remove the dispute so they could issue a refund. My credit card suggested I not do that as I would lose the right to dispute the charge if they didn't issue the refund. Sounded suspicious to me.

The bikes are a pretty good deal if they arrive undamaged (I would have been satisfied with my purchase if the fork hadn't been unusable), but I was disappointed with the service I received when I had a problem.
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