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Originally Posted by azshtr View Post
"They won't get my $. I was in the market last week for another bike, and dropped them a line because I was curious how the sizing ran on the Motobecanes. Different mfg's run small/large and just asked them how the sizing ran from their experience.

All I got in return was a totally non-personal cut and paste from their website as to how to size a bike. If they don't want to deal on a personal level i'll find and spend $ (which I did) at a local LBS. "

You are dealing with an online seller who has low costs and keeps things simple. You get what you pay for applies to information as well. My guess is if you wrote them back with a question the web site didn't answer they would have responded but they can't deal with all generic questions with limited manpower, and yours sounded very generic.
I've tried to e-mail them specific weight questions about their products, and only received non specific, generic, cut and paste from their website, answers.

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