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Originally Posted by kyzyl2 View Post
I suggest you spend some time looking carefully at their website . They have a video that explains how the iBike works, and a pretty big FAQ page.

Among the things their website explains is that Newton's Third Law requires that the forces applied by the cyclist on the pedals MUST exactly equal the forces opposing the cyclist's forward motion. The iBike accurately measures the forces opposing the cyclist's forward motion. That fact, in combination with Newton's Third Law, is why the iBike achieves accuracy comparable to high-end pedal-force power meters.
It's WE if you're an employee of the organization. WE have folks on this board that work for different companies and actually identify themselves as doing so, rather than insult OUR intelligence by trying to make it appear as if YOU aren't affiliated with the company.

YOU reflect poorly on YOUR company when YOU shill.

Try this next time:

"Greetings, this thread pops up on Google when you search on our product. You might want to check out some of the improvements we've made, here's the link to our website:

Feel free to PM me with any questions."

See how easy that is? Otherwise we think IBike employs a bunch of dumb people who think they're smart.

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