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Looking for a good entry level bike

Hi guys! I've been looking into buying a decent, cheap entry level bike for college. After my first quarter at college, I've found out how reliant I am on a bike, and am in the process of looking for a good road bike. I don't see a recommendation forum so I hope this is the right place to post this, if not. I apologize.

I'm pretty clueless about bikes, as I have just really started to gain an interest on them.

My budget is around $500, I'll be willing to go a little higher depending on how much better it would be, but not too much, especially being a college student... And the fact that I don't want this thing to get stolen.

I've been looking around on Craigslist, and Ebay, but I haven't really come up with much, and I don't want to buy a bike and not know what to look for...

I've also been looking on Ebay. There's a user by Chicabike, and there's a lot of mixed reviews on how "good" they are. So far I'm looking at the Dawes 1000 and the Dawes 1200, and was wondering if these would be good bikes, and the difference between them to justify the $50 difference...
Dawes 1200
Dawes 1000

I'm going to head around to my local stores, but from what I've seen at Davis, the prices are pretty high, and there aren't too many that would be in my price range. My roommate did pick up a Scattante from Performance bikes for about $600, but the Performance bikes does not seem to sell the 330 series any longer.

I'm located in the Bay Area, so if anyone knows a good store that specializes in cheaper road bikes for people wanting to get in... please tell.
I'm really open to any suggestions, ideally I'd like to get the bike before I head back to school which would be the 5th of January... Thanks guys!

Edit: I don't like tube shifters... at all, sorry. Rode a bike with tube shifters, and it felt really awkward.
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