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I tried to go this route. After a month of, sorry it's all ready been sold, I gave up.

Originally Posted by Tariq08 View Post
at the stores the selection will be pretty crap for 500, my friend has the same budget and we are just patiently watching craigslist hoping that something nice will come up around the holidays as people sell their stuff off to get christmas gifts

i would say one of the most important things to look at is components, try to get something with at least shimano 105 components, most importantly the shifters, crankset and rear derailleur. shimano ultegra, ultegra SL, and dura ace are all better than 105 and would also be good choices (although i doubt you will find dura ace for your budget).

i usually see some pretty good bikes in my area for 5-700, cannondale, felt, specialized, giant are all good brands to look for

you will also want to find out what size frame you need, probably best to go to an lbs and ask them
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