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I was at the bike shop the other day working on my new winter project, and a man came in with a dirty old bike he had found in a "barn" on the east side some way or another. It was a mid 1950's Schwinn Paramount Track Bike. I poked around over peoples shoulders to try to look at it and ,overall, besides some rust and dirt and whatnot it was in quite good shape. It was a really cool old bike with one of those old adjustable quill stems and 1 inch pitch chain. I had a short chat with the owner of the shop as he was taking it apart for restoration and he noticed the track hubs were early 3 piece Campagnolo track hubs stamped 60' laced to old Weinmann Wood-cored rims. As far as the other parts i didn't really get a good look i was working on my bike and didn't want to get in the way, but it was a truly beautiful bike and at that point in my jealousy i decided that this spring I am going to make it a point to frequent all the garage and yard sales i can find, especially in the boonies and the east side, in hopes of lightning striking twice.
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