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I get bikes somewhat frequently. People will bring them into the shop, I'll give them an estimate, they'll twitch a bit and tell me to throw it in the dumpster. I then take it home. Or, they'll just decide to not pick it up after it's been worked on. We give them 3 months. Then it goes to my house or the other mechanic's house. So far this past year I've gotten a Fuji Monterey, a Schwinn Stingray (1976), a Catamount something-or-other, a Trek 1000 frame (I removed the BB for the guy, he gave me the frame. He found it in a dumpster.), a Schwinn Collegiate 3spd, a Bridgestone RB-2, a some-kind-of-mountain-bike from the 80s, a new GT Avalanche frame, a Raleigh 3spd, a 1950s Rutledge cruiser, and probably a few others that I've forgotten. There were a few crap bikes too, Next, Huffy, and such. Usually, I stripped those of parts and threw the cast-iron-piped frame in the dumpster. The parts were then used in the shop on bikes where the owners were too poor to pay for new parts. (We "donate" a lot of work and parts to those who HAVE to ride bikes for whatever reason)

I'm going to Indy tomorrow, so I think I'll hit a few places and see what I can find.
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