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Originally Posted by Snowsurfer View Post
I love pizza, I love eating it without using a knife and fork, or a spoon:ee k:
then why do you got to pizza hut?

Originally Posted by Snowsurfer View Post
But what is the deal with Pizza Hut?
it sucks.

Originally Posted by Snowsurfer View Post
IMHO, Pizza Hut has the best darned tasting pizza around.
I am not ragging on Pizza Hut, and I have had pizza from plenty of other places, but why does Pizza Hut make me sick? Does anyone else get sick? Cramps, abdominal pain, discomfort, then diarrhea.

Anyone here in public health, or have knowledge of nutrition and can give me the background info on Pizza Hut?

<-----loves the taste of pizza hut pizza :lov e::lov e::lo ve:
<-----does not like getting sick
how do you like alaska?
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