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Originally Posted by Bikedued View Post
I love the twisted Sakae cranks. A truly interesting crank that looks like nothing else out there. Very unique. I have one of those on a Raleigh, and it may get robbed, hehe.

Here's the update on the Fuji Series III. Rides like a caddy and doesn't lose a lot of cranking energy through frame flex like my Shogun Alpine seems to. Feels very similar to my Club Fuji in stiffness, due to the quad butted tubes. This bike jumped into my top five the first time I rode it.,,,,BD

Before. Lots of potential!!

After! Decided on black hoods and dark red wrap, since the color scheme would not look right with gum color, IMHO. A little hard to see, but the wrap is a pretty decent match for the housing and graphics. They're a deep maroon. If I run across a darker red, I will go with that. For now it looks pretty decent.

BD, Jitensha Studio carries a lovely Toshi maroon bar tape. I've used it on both my 1981 Fuji Pro and my '84 Opus III. Very soft, winds on a lot easier that some of the other brands.


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