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I have seen the Northern Lights three times. I don't know much about cyclical sunspot activity, but I think the first time was in 1975 or 1976, and the last time was 1982 or 1983. So you can work it out. I was in southern Ontario -- Toronto and Kingston -- for all three shows, so it may have been a fluke that I saw them. The chances improve at higher latitudes, so go north, young man or woman! The upper Peninsula of Michigan? That's a couple of hundred miles further north than where I was, and easy to get to...

By the way, the last display of the aurora borealis that I saw was spectacular, and filled with the night sky, from north to south, the entire night. A friend and I walked the streets of Kingston, Ontario from about 11:15 PM until 4 AM, savoring the show.

I don't think that one can 100% predict when the aurora borealis will be visible. For example, there will be nothing to see on a cloudy or foggy or rainy night. But I hope you get your wish.
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