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I would go out of my front door in winter to see them.

I've managed to spot them a couple of times right from my front yard, but chances are better in the North, preferrably North from the Arctic Circle. There's less light overall as sun doesn't rise above horizon for weeks or months even, depending on how far North you go. Also, it's sparsely populated, so less artificial lighting. Less light means it's easier to spot them. Being closer to the magnetic North doesn't hurt either, but that's really less important.

There are several hotels in northern Scandinavia that list Northern Lights as one of their winter activities. Obviously none of them can guarantee the show. But they do their best: for example, hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland has a glass igloo to make it easier for you to spot the Lights right out of your bed. http://www.kakslauttanen.fi/

Aurora borealis occurs in summertime too (why wouldn't it) but there's far too much light (24 hours per day in the North) to observe it.

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