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getting older (not really) and the pursuit of greener pastures

Howdy all,
I'm Chris here in Denver. I'm 29 and fat, overweight, slow, and lethargic, I'm staring at 30 (I know not old at all) I feel 50, and I don't like it

My buddy Dave was always talking about going up to the local mountains and riding. When I was younger I used to love bashing around in the hills on my old GT outpost trail (which I still have!) But that was over a decade ago.

I finally went with him earlier this year... I was smitten and I haven't had any disposable income since. I started riding my old GT to work, riding it in the mountains, and using it to head off to the store. Now less than a year later it's mostly been replaced by a goofy (too large) 1980 Peugeot craigslist single for road duty. We've cobbled together a sweet GT aluminum frame MTB that is a perpetual project. My old bike is being converted into a single speed commuter for work and grocery getting and I'm in the market for a roadie to start rolling biathlons and triathlons with. I've started jogging, swimming, riding whenever I can (darned winter!) I walk places instead of driving, I climb 14ers (Colorado thing) I go backpacking...

on the whole between Dave, my old GT, and the fact that I will never be able to afford a classic car habit, I'm a bike nut now and unapologetic about it...

I like measuring myself in miles per burrito
My wife and I share a car (4 wheels bad, 2 wheels good)
I have %20 body fat, but my legs only have %0.2
A good day in the hills means that I only crashed twice
I drool over bike tools
My garage is perilous due to errant ball bearings on the floor
I actually have considered shaving my legs...
Lycra is a possibility (need to loose about 20 more Lbs before I feel comfy in them)
My desktop at work is usually a picture of a bike of some kind
I have in depth discussions about the pros/cons of 29" Vs 26" MTB
"Geometry" is not just a class in high school anymore
I ask myself if I'm riding tonight before I eat lunch
Bike messengers aren't *so* crazy anymore
I feel better about life... Thanks Dave, Thanks biking community, Thanks internet... I've got a new fixation, now can someone please explain to my wife that Carbon Fiber is a good value for money?

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