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The Haro chain tensioners are nice because they use a regular hardware store bolt that screws INTO the tensioner on the axle. Most tensioners have a washer that goes around your axle, with a bolt welded to it and then you put the tensioning plate over the bolt and put a nut on the bolt to tighten things up. This leaves a lot of extra bolt sticking out the back of your bike and if the bolt breaks, or more likely, is bent and trashed, then you may not be able to loosen it or remove it.

The Haro design has the NUT integrated into the washer and you take a bolt and put it through the tensioning plate and into the washer/nut combo. It leaves a flat head on the back of your bike which is a lot cleaner and less likely to cause problems... But, should you grind and shear the head of the nut off, then you can just pick a new bolt up at your local hardware store for 20 cents.

Here's a picture of it on my bike - CLEAN.

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