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Went swimming with my bike

This past friday was "bike to work" day, and a few co-workers and I braved the rain and cold to go for a ride through the woods before work. Following a buddy who's got a reputation of being a pretty good rider, we went through a pretty swampy area, and came across a "brook" that was more like a pond. I followed him into it, and it ended up being a good 4" deep. Needless to say, when our bikes began to float, we both fell in and got soaked. I dried it when I got home later on and cleaned it up a bit.
I know that water isn't the best thing to immerse you hubs and drivechain in, but how bad is it? I assume the bearings and all the inner workings are sealed pretty good, but can it do a good amount of damage if your entire wheel is underwater? I don't mind being wet so much, and wading through a river isn't a huge deal - I'll dry off eventually - I just don't want to do any unnecessary damage to my bike.
Any thoughts on this?


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