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Originally Posted by triplebutted View Post
I had that bike too in '86. For me (and a few other guys said the same thing), it consistantly felt like I was riding with a flat tire. But others loved it. I knew a few Cat 2 racers who said the same thing. Bizarre. I think when you are used to the little tiny bumps and folds on the road like you would on Columbus or Reynolds tubing, that "Cadillac" feel of Cannondales was foreign.

I did eventually sell it and got another rad Cannondale but a MTB. It was a really good racer and those Ringle parts back then were the rage.

With that said, I see a CAAD 9 on ebay my size in just a frameset....hmmmm and I have xmas bonus money from work.....
When riding on somewhat bumpy roads, I've had to stop and check if my tires were flat on my CAAD9. Heh.

It happens without fail on one road, but I did get a flat on that road once, so it might have something to do with that. Never happens anywhere else haha.
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