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Recommend a good charger for 18650s?

I'm in the market for a charger for 18650 batteries. I'm looking for the following features:

Automatic cutoff so i don't have to babysit it
Charge cells relatively quickly (in the neighborhood of 5hrs for a 2500mah cell, is that unreasonable?)
Charge 4 cells at a time rather than just 2 (i'll take a 2-cell charger if i have to though)
Preferably be able to order from within North America (I need this sooner rather than later, but if you can only find it in Hong Kong or I'll consider it)

I like this one because it handles 18650 and CR123, but it the charge time is listed as Battery Capacity (mAh) x 1.5 / Charging Current (mA), which puts it in the 8-10 hour range.

If you don't know of a charger that does all of that, what charger are you using for your 18650s that you really like?
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