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mr. t mar,
while in the process of restoring my "signature" Ross bike from the ground up i've encountered something that needed adressed and need your professional advice on it. seems like some clown has taken a dremel tool or something to the face of the front derailer from one end of it to the other, (major eyesore!) to me the face of it is ruined as a result and needs rechromed. problem is the thing has rivited style pins that hold it on the bracket (2) and to remove them would entail drilling out the heads of the rivit style pins, which i can do but where would i get the pins to replace the ones that id drill and/or the gizmo to re-flair the ends of the pin back when i put new pins back in it? i'm considering just sending it to somebody (campy repair shop?) and having it "professionally" done but dont know of any people who specialize in these style repairs. i'm a do it yourselfer but dont want to hose this up. any advice on who is the man for the job?
thanks for the help.
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