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I don't know for sure how they will handle Tunitas, but for some of the hills and narrow roads last year, they shut down the road to cars for several hours before the race arrived. Bicycles and pedestrians were allowed on the course until about 15 minutes before race caravan arrived. The road re-opened as soon as the last racer finished the climb.

No way to tell how crowded Tunitas will be. I expect a lot of spectators to ride their bikes up Kings Mountain on the morning of the race. They may be held at the top of Tunitas once the racers get close to the bottom. A lot of people want to watch the race at the steep part of Tunitas (about half way up), but that is also the most narrow part of the road, so you'll need to get arrive early to find a spot. There will probably also be a big crowd near the top.

The bigger roads like Highway 1 will be closed for a much shorter amount of time, probably just long enough for the race to pass by.
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