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BMX bike or 'street' bike

I'd like to get a bike for street riding. I have a mountain bike atm, but it's not really designed for that type of riding, so...

I could get a BMX bike for it (DK Cincinnati was recommended to me), which is probably best, but I've never been able to get the feel for them.. Obviously, there's plenty of riders taller/bigger than me who can ride them just fine, and do all kinds of crazy stuff. I just feel more comfortable on a bike with 26" wheels, bars with a small rise, etc. I'm 5'10 or so, weigh about 135lb. I probably won't grow more than a few more inches, so I should get a 19.5 inch top tube? Or 20, etc?

Or, I could get a 'street' mountain bike, like the P.1 or STP1, etc (I do want a singlespeed.. if I do go singlespeed with a custom build, I'd use a BMX cog, chain, probably cranks if they worked. I'd probably either get an Azonic Steelhead frame or a Transition ToP frame, since those seem like good deals... Both are small frames, similar to a BMX in some ways).

I'm willing to spend quite a bit if I need to (if I save up for a few months worth of paychecks).
I guess the advantages for a bmx bike is, they start out pretty cheap, you can run pegs without looking like an idiot, and they're probably less likely to break the wheels or etc...
The advantages for a street bike are comfort factor, and.. yes, i'll admit it.. bragging rights.

I actually told myself I'd keep the post short.. never happens with my topics, does it?
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