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Double Century Training Route

Maybe this weekend????

I was planning on doing this soon, and this weekend, looks like the weather is supposed to still be nice.

Meeting spots would be:
My house

Lunch would be in Pescadero (mile 50). Late Starbucks stop @ Foothill & Homestead (mile 128).

Dinner can follow in San Mateo, if anyone wants to, or at my place.

The route from my place would be 158 miles with 13,800 ft of climbing
The route from Canada/92 would be 147 miles with 13,300 ft of climbing
I haven't mapped it but from Canada/Woodside (84) it would probably be around 132 miles with 11,500 or so.

I was thinking of doing the Earlybird Crit, but might wait until next weekend for that, since I shouldn't do both in the same weekend (obviously). If I get no takers, I'll probably do the cirt. But I figured I would try to take advantage of the good weather.

Obviously this route is brutal, and will take all day. You should bring lights. If we start at 5:30 am (from San Mateo), I would except to finish around 8:30 pm. Canada/92 would be take around 6am - 8:00 pm and Woodside would take around 6:30am - 7:30 pm.

Part of the intensive to start/end in San Mateo:

1) You get to feel Crestview at mile 150, which will be my little version of hitting Sierra at mile 150 of the DMD.
2) We can have some sort of celebratory meal at the end, as a group, if that's your thing (I know I would want to.. haha).

EDIT: I edited the times/starting/ending info.

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