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Time for a change.
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Think yourself lucky in the The Replacable hanger is available. When I broke the one on my Bianchi- I had a 6 week wait for it to be made. The factory had to go back to the frame drawings to find out what type had been fitted and then had to make one.-Well two actually as I was not going to have another 6 week wait.

And interesting point on the Soloist Carbon. My main ride is the Boreas Ignis. Lightweight ally frame with C.F. Seat post and lightweight C.F. Forks. When I got the TCR-C, I had a heck of a job getting the thing to stop beating me up. I would have thought that C.F. would have given me a more compliant ride. It didn't. Eventually got it sorted and it was down to tyre pressures and the very stiff Aksiums I was trying to ride it on. When I eventually lowered the pressures to 120psi and the hand built training wheels- it finally worked.

And yet another reason that when you try out a bike on a test ride- Take your own wheels so that you have something known that is not going to influence your opinions of what could be a decent bike. Or is not as good as you hoped it would be.

Glad no more damage was done- but stop trying to prove you can go up hills at speed. You will have to come down to our speed in August so get used to that form of riding.
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