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Originally Posted by thebankman View Post
92? Thank you! My red Rockhopper is a Sport model.

Did the Sport or Ultra or whatever sub-level model these bikes were signify a change in the actual frame? The Sport was probably the bottom of the barrel in terms of components, but the frame is very light and strong. With an ENO hub and a few added parts this has turned the bike into a very neutral, instinctive handling trail bike.
My bad. The '92 Rockhopper Comp was actually Orange. But that year's Sport did come in red, although the catalog pic was purple. So I think your red is indeed a '92.

The frame should be the same throughout the line, the different levels would just signify better component spec. In 1992, there was the base Rockhopper, the Rockhopper Sport above that, and then the Comp at the top of the Rockhopper line.
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