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Originally Posted by The Weak Link View Post
I'm half-way though the book. I think it's good but I've had two quibbles with it so far.

1. Sorry, but someone who retires wealthy from a law career, retires to a ski slope and has an epiphany is not a "regular Joe".

2, I'm always suspicious of invoking the ancestral noble savage as an evolutionary model. I think paleontology supports the notion that life for our ancestors was harsh, brutal, and short, no matter how much C10 they generated scrounging around for food. I thought that section was pretty BSy.

But those are quibbles.

Regarding your point 2, there are a lot of people who feel that we essentially stopped evolving (biologically) at about the time that agriculture became prevalent. This is the basis for a lot of dietary "exploration" right now and same for exercise and activity levels. It would be hard to claim that our modern diet and exercise plan are good for us!

There's also quite a bit of writing regarding that whole "harsh, brutal, and short" thought. Some (sorry I cannot cite a source here) feel that our ancestors actually spent more time in non-work activities prior to agriculture. The biggest risk was likely injury and resulting infection. But if you're actively hunting with stone-age weapons, I guess that risk of injury might be fairly high.

BTW, I completely agree with your point #1.
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