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Originally Posted by maddmaxx View Post
The only thing that I would ask is "were you operating on the big cog" when everything let go. If so the possible failure mode might not be the hanger itself, but the chain going "over the top" as if the inner stop screw on the derailler were a bit too far in, or the stay were flexing a bit more then expected. When the chain drops over the large cog, all sorts of bad things can happen as it jams in place in the spokes (worth noting and accepting for all of us who do not run spoke protectors).

If not, then I'm just going to chalk this failure up to "Glad the Destroyer" Hermes......

Club Tombay is always patient.................
The image of Maddmaxx loomed large and flashed across my mind, as for a brief moment, I could not get my foot released. I saw the door to Club Tombay opening.

I was not shifting at the time but was in the 34/25 spinning ~80 rpm. I really do not know what happened other than the failure. Post mortem analysis did not reveal any failure mode. The chain was between the large cog and the spokes. If I had a spoke protector, I would have to ride with a bag over my head.
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