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Derailleur hangers are always made by the frame manufacturer, since they are specific to that bike. The only other alternative is an aftermarket hanger, such as QBP's line of them. Of course, those are just copies of the factory originals. So, no....Shimano doesn't make any derailleur hangers at all.

I don't know how you're going to get a more "robust" derailleur hanger, unless Cervelo itself is going to manufacture one for you.

Yes, I've seen the results of a derailleur hanger that didn't break like it's supposed to. It and the rear derailleur were still peacefully attached to the rear dropout....which was hanging off of the bike by the chain with shredded bits of carbon fiber poking out everywhere.

The problem you've just described is caused by the chain falling between the cassette and spokes about 99% of the time. As mentioned, this is usually caused by the derailleur limit screw being a fraction of a millimeter off. In rare occasions, it can be caused by someone torquing on the frame so much (standing, climbing a hill, and putting out massive wattage) that the rear end distorts enough to allow the chain to be derailled into the spokes.
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