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Originally Posted by Cleave View Post
Hi Hermes,

So to make sure I understand (since I just got an R3), the hanger broke and then the chain "derailed" into the spokes. Not the other way around -- chain derailed, then hanger broke.
We do not know the failure mode. I was not shifting at the time. I was in the 34/25. The 25 is the largest cog on my rear cassette. The der could have just broke or I hit something that went into the chain causing the chain move toward the spokes. I was on a mountain road near the edge at the time. I do not think I hit anything but on this climb, there is a lot going on with traffic, narrow roads and climbing.

When I inspected the bike, the chain was between the 25 cog and the spokes and the rear der was laying on the chain stays and I did not see and sticks / debris.
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