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Cliff's ride

First, let me apologize, never got to say goodbye to you guys...I kind of got into a groove and over shot the Bart station and when I turned around there was a Starbucks right there, so I figured I'd grab a coffee and head back to see everyone off! The coffee turned in to a sandwich, then a conversation, then desert!
After that I decided you guys had ditched me....ha ha : ) so I time trialed the "Three Bears" and ended up getting around 1K for the day.

I had a great time thanks Cliff and BTW I really thought you were younger than me! Ritch beat us pretty bad on Grizzly...sorry you had to wait for us on Redwood, I never saw you blow by us...? Too bad Justin and Richard, that you couldn't ride with us time...

Good to see you again Curtis, been too long! Bring Trish next time...way to much testosterone...I was hopefull in the beginning when Jane Doe showed up, but alas she was with the wrong ride and I set her straight or made her gay...She was cute : (
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