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Originally Posted by kenneth wise
this must be my lucky day. today at work i went to the machine shop at my work (swisher sweets) and adressed the rivit problem with one of the top machinists there. he's gonna hook me up with some custom made polished stainless pins that have a cir clip groove cut in it to hold it in place. i'm sending the derailer to a local chrome shop tommorow. cant wait to finally finish this job!! sure do appreciate all the insite you gave it was all good. kenny
Great, that is an excellent solution. Unlike a rivet it will permit relatively easy removal of the cage if required. It is also more secure than a roll pin. If the machinist is willing to do it, see if he will machine a head on one end, so that a circlip is required on only one end. No reason, other than it looks a little more professional.
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