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True story:

Years back, a friend saw me keeping in good health by mountain biking and would like to join me and asked me that very same question "which 150-buck bikes should I buy", I told him that those are _toys_ not bikes and he should should spend a bit more, I even spent 1 hour explained to him why and why and offered my to help choose a good bike...Well a week later, he showed up in front my house in spank'ng new Huffy (costed him 140 bucks) and insisted me to take him to trail...We biked to the trail, on the way, he was telling me that I was cheating by having a light bike, his bike was twice the weight so it would give him twice the workout...Yeah right, he walked the 1st small hill (about 50 yards long), then we went down the hill and I hear a loud noise behind me, I stopped at the bottom and looked back but only see the bike and not friend, it turned out that the brake on the cheap bike didn't hold so he bailed out and crashed about 30 yards up letting the bike tumbling down the slope.

He never went biking again, the darned bike still sits in the same place in his garage 8 years later...so get a good bike or forget about it and save 150 bucks.

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