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Originally Posted by Stevie47 View Post
Point well taken. That's a hard question, cause 4k feet of climbing in 40 miles could be pretty mellow or a butt-kicker depending on how it came at you. And brutal for a recreational type is of course different than brutal for the big-time racer.

Our group is a couple of guys who are strong cat3's (they're going to be doing the pulling) and three of us who are cat3 wannabe's. but not. A couple of us are old farts.

I guess the best way to put it would be that we want to blow the cobwebs out from traveling but still be able to ride the following days.
We can start easy and get progressively harder. I'm sure I could come up with a 40 mile, 4000 foot route if wanted. I also know a 55 mile, 5000 foot route . I've got a nice 45 mile, 2500 foot route in mind for the first day, which could be easily modified to roughly the same distance and about 3000 feet if desired (by backtracking up one of the descents and hitting the hill in the other direction).

Starting point will be at my house for the 1st ride. We'll head up to El Dorado Hills.

When a date and time are scheduled, I'll post the ride here to see if any other BF'ers want to join in.

Incidentally, I'm not interested in riding in the rain!

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