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Bikes: Surly Karate Monkey commuter build

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Originally Posted by KonaRider24
The ones that honda let a company market with their name on it is crap, the one that honda actually built is not a peice of crap, the One honda makes is amazing to look at in person and $130 wouldn't buy you the drivetrain on it.
$130 would barely buy you the handlebars if you're lucky, man. Also, I have to agree with everyone here... If you're going to buy a bike that you plan on riding off-road, go at least $250-300. Save your money. You won't enjoy riding a Huffy, Roadmaster, etc. Also, when you buy a bike from a bike shop, you'll normally get a year or whatever of free tune-ups. That right there is worth more than the price of any of those dept store bikes. You seriously won't regret saving up the extra money and buying a bike actually worth keeping. Also, the pawn shops would be a GREAT place to check at this point. Christmas season has just passed and now everyone's broke and probably in debt. They'll be looking to pawn off random unused objects. Bikes are popular to pawn.
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