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Originally Posted by xenologer View Post
Somehow I doubt this.
When you get suprised by a car horn is your first reaction to turn and try to punch out the car?
Assuming the sensible answer here... if the horn was from behind and a surprise, how would you know it was a bike and not a car about to run you down?
The problem with your assumption is that it holds no logic.

You're assuming 100 of 100 people running on a path with loud music are going to panic and jump in fear.

If I walk up onto my wife in a dark hallway and startle her, is she going to scream or is she going to swing out of instinct - there is no way for me to predict if I don't know her.

Trust me when I say my instinct in every case involving strangers on an empty trail that startle me is to take an aggressive, and defensive posture. To assume I'm a victim and will fall to the ground like a fainting goat is as ill-informed as your response to me.

I'm not a violent person, but if I'm already in flight mode - you've now got me cornered if you illicit a fight or flight response from me. Make sense?

Cars can not be part of a variable on a MUP, unless my brother has had too many Guiness again and wants to talk about his ex-wife again
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