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Originally Posted by Pizza Man View Post
Sweet bike! I hope to get an old steel bike like that someday. Does anyone know if you can put newer 700c wheels on an old frame set up for 27 inch wheels? I guess then you'd also have a problem getting an old 5 (6?) speed cassette on a newer hub made for 8-9-10 speeds.

Another question, would putting on a new shimano or SRAM type crankset work with that bottom bracket?
1) You can swap vintage 27" wheels out for vintage 700c wheels (5/6 speed). The only worry is brake reach, but that is pretty easily overcome.

2) Vintage 5/6/7 speed rears use screw-on freewheels, not modern cassettes. Modern 8/9/10 speed rears use cassettes that slide onto hub bodies. Apples and oranges. You can take a vintage frame and put a modern drive-train on it - I've done it many times. You will typically need to have the rear dropouts spread out from the old-school 120/126mm to the current 130mm. Steel only - do not try to spread alloy or CF.

3) No matter what the vintage, crank-sets have to match to the bb they are designed for. You can put modern bb's into a vintage frame - they haven't changed the 68mm English/70mm Italian shell standards. A few vintage bikes are non-standard - French and Swiss bb's come to mind. They are a pain.

In general, older bb spindles are square tapered and modern cranks are not. If the SRAM crank-set you mentioned will mate to a square taper spindle, it should physically fit. Then you will need to consider the spindle length to get the correct chain line. Best to just use the proper bb/crank combo and be done with it.

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